One Student at a Time

Special Approach To Every Client!

Each family and student comes to us with a different past and a different future in mind. The first thing we do with each student is get to know who they are, what they want in life, and define what a successful college experience will look like for them. Then we get to work to create a customized college plan based on their schedule and timelines to make achieving their college and life goals easier and more attainable.

College Dream Builder Team

College Dream Builder has a unique years-long program to support both students and parents from early in high school, all the way through college graduation. There are college and career exploration classes, skill or knowledge enhancement classes, special tutoring, essay editing, college planning strategies, as well as ongoing customer care through internet technology, face-to-face meetings, e-mail and telephone support.

Years of College Admissions & Financial Aid Experience
Of Students Get Into One of Their Top College Choices
Happy Clients
Graduate From College

We Take The Burden Off Of Your Shoulders

"We take the process and simplify it for everyone. We take the 'project management' role off of your shoulders so you can have your family relationships back."

Terry Rummelt JR., President of College Dream Builder


You know that attending college is important. You’d love for your child to go. But you don’t know exactly how to meet all the requirements and deadlines.

You don’t want to waste money, and you have so little time available. And how are you going to squeeze college tuition out of your already tight budget?

Your friends seem to be able to send their kids to good schools, but how do they do it?

Imagine having our team working for you every step of the way. Each of the College Dream Builder four components will take the weight off your shoulders and give you peace of mind knowing you did everything right.

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