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What sets College Dream Builder apart? 

Our mission is to help your student get into the best school for them, which means we are going to find the best academic, social and financial fit your family’s college plan.  We have counselors who have helped students get into some of the best colleges in the country, and they have an incredible passion to help your student reach their full potential.  At the end of the journey, we are going to help your student get into a college that will set them up for a lifetime of happiness and success and we will be in their corner cheering them on the entire way.

Individualized Attention - Your College Dream Builder Consultant

College Dream Builder’s Consultants are some of the most experienced admissions counselors in the country with over 61 years of combined experience.  You and your student will have a personal consultant to guide you through the process from start to finish, keeping you on track with deadlines, coaching you through all aspects of the admissions process, and making sure your student finds the perfect college for them.

Understanding Your College Dream - A Unique Methodology

The first step in the College Dream Builder process is to understand what your student wants out of their college education.  What do they want to study?  What types of schools do they want to go to?   What career paths make them excited to go to class every day and earn their degree?   We will meet your student where they are in the process, whether they know exactly what they want or are still trying to figure that out, we will work together to build their college dream.

Researching and Building Your College Plan

The most overlooked part of the college admissions process is the amount of research that has to take place to create a personalized and successful college plan.  Becoming an expert in the schools you are applying to is essential when trying to demonstrate interest in the school.  Your College Dream Builder Consultant will guide your student on the research to help your student’s applications, essays, and interviews stand out from the crowd, giving them an edge to being admitted to one of their dream schools.

A Customized College List

One of the most underrated aspects of planning for college is creating a college list that makes sense based on your student’s college and career goals.  Creating a college list full of schools that your student will love not only increases their chances of graduation, but can also have an impact on maximizing merit money (free money), reducing student loans and lowering overall college costs.

ACT and SAT Test Preparation Courses

Our ACT and SAT Test Prep Courses have a 16% average score increase, and they feature high-quality content from McGraw Hill Education, Allen Prep, Cengage Learning, and Mastery Prep, aligned to Common Core and ACT standards and continually refreshed by subject matter experts.  The courses are personalized, adjusting student activities each day and predicting scores on test day.  They are game-based and tablet compatible, encouraging students to earn points and badges as they take the course in bite-sized units, resulting in higher course completion rates and improved scores.  

Boosting Your "College Resume" and Summer Activity Planning

Once your college list is created, you can begin to craft your ‘college resume’ to match the admissions criteria of the individual schools on your list.  Your College Dream Builder consultant will help you plan out your summer jobs, volunteer experiences, mission work, class schedule, and AP course selection (if needed) to make you stand out from other applicants with similar grades and test scores.  The research and planning done by your consultant and the execution of the plan by your student can be the difference in acceptance or denial at your top schools.

Career & Major Selection

What happens if you send your child to college without a plan for what they want to be after they graduate?  Most of the time, they end up dropping out, still clueless about what to do with their life.  At College Dream Builder, we want to help students have a plan for when they reach campus and how to have a successful life and career after they graduate.  

Campus Visits Planning

Visiting a college will give you a real feel of what life will be like on campus.  We guide your student on how to get the most out of their campus visits; who to talk to, what to visit, what class to sit in on and all of the other small details that are often overlooked when you are overwhelmed on a campus visit.  We will also review the visit with your student to compare the strengths and weaknesses of each campus and help them make their final college decision.

College Application Coaching and Review

At this point, your student has done everything they can to boost their resume, increase their test scores, and maintain their GPA.  Now it’s time for all of that hard work to be put on their college applications.  We guide them through the applications, making sure each section is filled out to showcase your student and all of their accomplishments.

College Admissions Essays - Topic Exploration and Essay Editing

The College Admissions Essays are the best opportunity your student has to convince admissions officers why they should choose your student over everyone else.  Admissions essays are about your student and their world experiences that make them an exceptional student at a specific school.  We will help your student find the perfect topic to write about and make sure the essays are written specifically for admissions officers.

Admissions Interview Coaching and Preparation

If you are lucky enough to apply to a school that conducts admissions interviews, then you better make sure you are prepared!  Your College Dream Builder consultant is an expert at coaching students on how to handle themselves in an admissions interview.  We will go through a mock interview to make sure you are prepared to answer any question asked and even teach you about the different types of interviews and how to think on your feet if you find yourself in an unplanned interview.

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