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Your go-to source for college planning and admissions strategies. Join us each week as we discuss college admissions, financial aid, and how to make college more affordable.

We have helped thousands of families find the most efficient way to send their children to college and now we want to share that knowledge with you!

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Admit It! Episode #10: For the Family That Will Settle For Nothing Less Than the Best College Plan

This week we discuss the different types of strategies we use to help different types of families.  We answer the question, “What types of families can we help?” We also discuss why having a college plan that includes admissions, financial aid, and financial solutions gives your student an almost certain chance of getting their degree.

Admit It! Episode #9: Corona virus and College Admissions

This episode we talk about how the corona virus will affect college admissions, college visits, and other areas of planning for college. 

Admit It! Episode #8: The Danger of Committing Too Early!

At this point you’ve received your acceptance letters and you’re starting to get your financial aid awards back from your favorite schools, which means you’re getting ready to make your final college decision and commit to a school.  Well, wait just a minute!  There are some pretty big downsides to committing to a school too early and the schools themselves will use some pretty harsh tactics to get you to make that early commitment.  

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered on what to do with this week’s episode of Admit It!

Admit It! Episode #7: Financial Aid Timeline - Time To Get Organized!

This week we have Hope Santos on to talk about the financial aid timeline for families with students heading off to college next year. Make sure to write down deadlines and tips to make your financial aid process simple and easy!

Admit It! Episode #6: College Visits - Expectation vs. Reality

College visits are a very popular topic with our clients right now.  Spring break is right around the corner, so families have time to visits colleges and get a feel for what life is like on campus.  So what steps should you take to prepare for a college visit, what should you do while you’re there, and what’s a great way to compare visits once you get back?  All your questions are answered on this weeks episode of Admit It!


Admit It! Episode #5: Tuition Rewards Scholarship - What is it and How Much Can I Get?

Most families don’t have a plan to pay the bill and if they do it is usually an underfunded 529 that does more harm than good or they plan to look for third part scholarships to pay the remaining part of the bill.  Parents are usually surprised when I tell them only 3% of all the money that goes into paying for college comes from private scholarships and that you have to report most to the university which means that can lower your financial aid award.

This scholarship represents a guaranteed minim discount at over 400 colleges and the money comes directly from the schools.  Listen in an learn how you can earn the scholarship for your family!

Admit It! Episode #4: College Blueprint - Your Expert Guide To Making College Affordable For Your Family

What is a College Blueprint?  A Blueprint combines Admissions, Financial Aid, Tax Code, Tuition Rewards Scholarships, and Innovative College Funding  Strategies to maximize college savings and to create the ultimate solution for paying for college!  

Your child’s college education will be the second largest expense in your lifetime, only dwarfed by retirement.  With the Blueprint we show you how to pay for college without robbing your retirement or changing your current lifestyle.

Admit It! Episode #3: How to Simplify the Financial Aid Process

This weeks episode features Megan Bugarin, one of our College Dream Builder consultants.  Megan shares how she simplifies the college admissions process for families and tips on how to find the best academic, social, and financial college for their student.  Megan talks about how she balances input from the parents and the student together in order to build a list that the student is excited about, but also fits within the parent’s budget.

Admit It! Episode #2: How to Simplify the Financial Aid Process

This week we discuss the financial aid system with a special guest, Hope Santos, Financial Aid Director at College Dream Builder.  Hope has helped hundreds of families simplify the financial aid process, and is here to give you advice on how to simplify the process and how College Dream Builder can take the stress out of it completely!

Admit It! Episode #1: What are we Admitting?

Here it is!  Your go-to source for college planning & admissions strategies.  Listen in each week to learn how to make college more affordable for your family and to boost your chances to get into one of your dream schools.  

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