Do you know the Common Application (or, as it’s commonly referred ‘the Common App’)?   Perhaps you’ve heard your Guidance Counselor mention it, or heard it referenced during a college visit. Maybe you’ve even seen it before- – did your older sister fill it out when she was applying to college?

Just in case this is your first experience with the Common App, let me give you a proper introduction. As you probably know, I recommend that most students apply to at least 10 colleges. Ten years ago, that meant filling out ten separate applications for ten separate colleges that ask almost the exact same questions. That’s a lot of time spent filling out duplicate information!

Insert **drum roll** the Common App: A college application accepted by more than 750 colleges and universities in the United States and beyond! There’s a good chance that at least a few of the colleges on your list will accept the Common App as a means of applying. If you’re not sure if any of your schools use it, reference this list of member institutions.

Once you’ve identified that at least two of the colleges or universities on your college list accept the Common App, it’s generally a good idea to go ahead and create your account. (Another benefit of the Common App is that it is released nice and early. Most colleges that use their own private applications don’t release applications until August 1st!) But the Common App is waiting and ready for you to dive in, which means you can get a head start while you’re on summer vacation.

To create your Common App account, visit and begin the registration process!

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