College Dream Builder

Our mission is to help make college more affordable for your family without sacrificing the quality of your child's education. A college degree is the safest and most proven way to help your student get ahead in life, so we use college admissions, financial aid, and our college blueprint to find the most affordable and effective way to send your children to college.

Financial Aid and the Non-Traditional Family

Many families that I work with find themselves not fitting into traditional boxes or roles when it comes to parent/family dynamics and the financial aid process. I want to address a few different kinds of family dynamics so if you find that your family falls into one of these categories, you will be able to move forward to apply for financial aid without fear.

Summer Orientation

With May 1st long behind us, many college-bound seniors are asking about their next steps to prepare for college. Of course, they’ll have paid their enrollment deposit and secured their spot in the incoming class before May 1st, National Candidates Reply Date.

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