Happy May 1st, College Dreamers!

For those of you who are not yet seniors and are wondering what all the fuss is about May 1st, it’s actually the most important day of the year for college-bound students. May 1st is National Decision Day, or the day that high school seniors generally commit to a college for the following fall.

For our seniors, we’ve been working hard on their applications since as early as last summer, so it’s a momentous day where all of that hard work and dedication pays off and they are finally able to say with confidence that they know where they’ll be in the fall.

SENIORS: Now’s the time to buy the school gear, update your social media accounts, and shout it loud and proud that YOU DID IT! Do something fun (and safe) to celebrate, and take some time to reflect on how far you’ve come.

Thank your parents, your counselors, your teachers, your coaches, your mentors… anyone who has helped you along your journey, for let’s be honest, you couldn’t have done it without them!

You should also continue plugging away in your classes and maintaining your good grades. Senioritis—even if you are at home and feel that your classes are generally easier now—is very real. If you happen to slip up and finish the year with any failing grades, that’s cause for a college to take your offer away.

As you look ahead to the summer, start thinking about signing up for orientation. It’s looking like many colleges have shifted to an online model for these sessions, but they’re still important nonetheless. This is when you’ll meet with your advisor, sign up for your classes, and learn more about what life will be like for you next year. Pay attention and be engaged through the process.

And if you are planning on living on campus in the fall (if campuses open up, of course!), now is the perfect time to sign up for housing as well. You should have received plenty of instruction on how to do this in your original acceptance letter or subsequent communications from your college.

JUNIORS: This is a great time for you to be looking ahead to your own application process, which for many of you will begin in the next few weeks as you transition to summer break. Our rising seniors will be working with us during their school-free months on essays and applications, as our goal is to get them ready to start hitting submit in the fall.

If you are in this position, start gathering your ideas for your essays, your list of activities, and anything else you might need to begin the process. And get excited! This is going to be one of the most fundamental years of your life, so try to remain in the moment and as positive and energized as possible.

And next year, we’ll be celebrating YOU on May 1st!

Until next time,

Molly Monet

Director of College Admissions

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