This weeks questions include:

1. If a student isn’t going to major in art or music, will submitting an art/music portfolio help or actually hurt their chances of admission? (1:46)

2. My daughter wants to apply to Northwestern University early decision that is binding. Do you recommend ED over regular decision? (3:28)

3. If a college allows a student to self report their scores does that mean I only have to send the official report from college board if accepted? (5:04)

4. My daughter wants to apply but have not gotten her scores back from the ACT. Should she still apply? She’s afraid if she applies, her application will just sit there. (5:52)

5. Is it ever okay to write about an experience during a community service or charity event? (7:52)

6. If a teacher recommendation is ‘optional’ does that mean the college really wants one? (9:08)

7. Is there any reason to apply early in rolling decisions as it relates to merit? (10:26)

8 How important are mediocre freshman year grades to a highly selective school if the rest of the application is very good? (12:28)

9. How early should a parent/student start planning for college? (13:14)

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