College Admissions Q&A

This week’s Facebook Live Q&A had questions come in from all across the country from topics ranging form what are the best tools to pay for college, standardized test questions, award letters, and when should they commit to a school!

In case you missed the live session, here is a list of the questions we were asked with our answers in the full video!

Questions We Answered This Week:

1. We are starting to get award letters back from some of my son’s top colleges.  At what point do we commit to the school?

2. I have a a 529 college savings plan for my oldest child.  After consuming some of your content I’m starting to wonder if it is really the best college funding tool available?

3. My son took the ACT in tenth grade and scored a 35, can he use that score when applying to colleges?  Should he try again to get a perfect 36?

4. Sending in ACT/SAT Scores!  When taking the ACT Test and they say you can send your score to a few colleges for free is that smart not knowing the score, and what if you might want to retake it?  

5.  I have a student that is a very good athlete, how important are other extracurricular activities besides the sport she plays?

6. I have an eighth grader, but want to start planning for college as early as possible.  What are some steps I can take now to start the process?

7.  We are from a small town that doesn’t have a lot of resources.  Our school doesn’t offer many rigorous classes and also doesn’t have a strong college counselor.  What can we do to help our kids have a better chance of getting into the college of their choice?

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