If a college requires the FAFSA as part of their financial aid process, then they have a unique 6-digit FAFSA filing-code.

Many people do not pay attention to these codes, or even know what they are. However, knowing college filing codes can be extremely important and could make all the difference between receiving a financial aid award package from a college, and receiving no awards at all.

Schools that participate in Title IV (Title IV of the Higher Education Act of 1965) government funding programs have a code set up for the FAFSA. This code is used to be able to disburse grants, loans, and work-study funds to your student’s account.

Generally, a college or university has a code for their main undergraduate campus in the form of 00#### (two zeros followed by four numbers). Then, any separate campus, program/school, or graduate school within that college, might have its own code that begins with a letter (e.g. E, G, H) followed by five numbers.

When submitting a FAFSA, you can try to search for a college by the state and city or name, but there are often several colleges with the same or similar names and locations. It is fairly easy to submit the FAFSA to an incorrect college.

You can simplify the search process by entering the Title IV code instead.

Knowing the Title IV code for a college eliminates the guesswork when matching your FAFSA (and any financial aid funds) to your student’s correct school.

Many colleges have this code listed in the financial aid section, or ‘FAFSA’ section, directly on their website. It’s always best to ask if you are unsure of a school’s filing code, to ensure that your student’s financial aid paperwork is submitted to the correct location!

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