Financial Aid Services

Financial Aid Services

Our Financial Aid Department Can Relieve Your Stress, Take The Work Off Your Shoulders, and Help Maximize Your Family’s Award Package.

Financial Aid Department

Our proven and reliable system will eliminate costly mistakes and relieve you from the stress of having to fill out all the financial aid forms.  Our financial aid specialists will assert your rights to help you receive every dollar of financial aid that you deserve. 

Financial Aid Service Benefits:

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Which is required by every college bound student and family, even by the student and family who will not receive need-based assistance. This form must be completed to qualify for federal aid, most state programs, and is often required for institutional merit-based aid. We complete it electronically and can be filed twice for the client: once as an estimate and second as a final filing after subsequent tax returns has been completed for the year.

This application is required by some colleges for financial aid consideration and is more complicated than the FAFSA. It is critical that information reported on all financial aid forms be consistent. The additional cost of filing through the College Board is the responsibility of the client family

An additional service where we take care of all supplemental financial aid forms required by the specific colleges. Some schools have their own need-based forms that are just as important as the Financial Aid Profile (FAP) and the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

There are additional financial aid forms if you own a farm or a business, which can be a bit confusing.  We will make this process simple and stress free for you by filling out and submitting the forms on your behalf.

In the event that your student gets selected for the federal verification process, we provide all the documentation and make the process simple, easy and stress free.

We provide a spreadsheet analysis of your financial aid awards. Helping you understand which schools have given you the best financial aid package.

Financial Aid Awards can be a bit confusion, which is why we are here to teach you how to understand your financial aid award.  We will show you how to know how much aid you received from each school, as well as how to know if you are getting loans, work study, or grants & scholarships from the school. 

Discover the best student loans available each year with our annual non-biased spreadsheet comparison and analysis. We will make the loan selection process simple and easy to understand, while helping your family choose the right loan for your specific situation.

You’d be surprised at the number of people who don’t get the financial aid award they thought they deserved. Our highly trained staff will write appeals letters to the school on your behalf in an attempt to increase your financial aid award.

If you student accumulates student loans throughout their time in college, we will help guide your family on your options for student loan consolidation and why type of repayment options you may be facing.

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