It can’t be that difficult to provide a comprehensive and descriptive list of one’s extracurricular activities on a college application, right?


The activities section on any given application is one of the biggest things students need help with when we meet for an application review session. They either come with a big long laundry list of activities that have no business being on a college application, or they cannot figure out how to describe said activity.

The key to nailing the activities section lies within those descriptions. It’s one thing to simply list the title of a club or job that you’ve been involved with, but what exactly was your role within it? It is your job to showcase to a college just what that activity looked like for you.

And the real kicker: on the Common App, you only have 150 characters to do it.

Fortunately, my students can rest easy in knowing that we’ll spend a lot of time in our review sessions polishing up those descriptions so that they’re perfect glimpses of that particular commitment.

– Molly Monet, PES Student Services Consultant

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