College acceptances are piling high for our students as we near the end of January! We love hearing the exciting news and sharing the joy and relief students have as all of their hard work pays off! The only potential downside to all those acceptances is making a decision between so many great options. 

Thankfully, you have until May 1st, College Decision Day, before you have to make your final decision. As you wait on those official financial aid award letters and begin weighing the pros and cons for each school, there’s actually some really great opportunities many colleges offer for admitted students to help you make your decision! 

Beginning as early as February and going through April, many colleges host a variety of events for admitted students through their Office of Admissions. Most commonly, colleges will have some sort of Admitted Students Day, where admitted students are invited to campus for a day focused on learning more about their college to help you figure out if you could truly see yourself there. 

If you haven’t visited campus yet, this is the perfect time to go! But even if you have visited before, these events often give a more in-depth look at the college than you were probably offered during your initial tour. Colleges want you to say yes to them, so these days are an opportunity for them to “show off” to you with everything they have to offer. 

You may get to meet professors and faculty, sit in on a class, participate in interactive info sessions, speak with academic advisors and financial aid representatives, and go on a more thorough tour of residence halls and campus. Colleges will often organize expos for you to learn about and talk with representatives from different campus organizations, clubs, departments, and resources available to you, so you can get a glimpse of what you want to get involved with in the fall. You may even start making connections with other admitted students and current students for the following year! 

Personally, when I was in college, I couldn’t wait to meet prospective students on Admitted Students Day to get to know them, share my experience, and really talk about whether my school would be the best fit out of the colleges they were deciding between. I know many others felt and feel the same excitement I did about Admitted Students Day, because it’s an opportunity for current students to personally welcome potential incoming freshmen, honestly answer any lingering questions, and help them figure out where they’ll spend their next four years.

So there definitely is value to attending these events, especially if you’re torn between a few great options, just to get a better picture and really “seal the deal” for which college you see yourself at in the fall. Just make sure to be checking your college accounts and emails for invitations, as you’ll likely need to RSVP.

Until Next Time,

Megan Bugarin, College Dream Builder Consultant 

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