Most students are aware of the benefit of honors classes in high school, but did you know that many colleges offer honors programs too? Honors programs at universities are offered to high-achieving, motivated students and provide a variety of benefits. 

Honors programs at universities provide a more rigorous course load, allowing students to challenge themselves academically and go more in depth within their studies. For some, taking on a more challenging program after putting in so much effort to get into college may seem like the last thing they want to do. However, there are some definite perks to participating in a university’s honors program. 

One of the biggest draws to honors programs in colleges is for students who want to participate in a really strong academic program, but don’t want to pay the price of a really well-known, prestigious school. Honors programs offer the quality and experience of a strong academic program, but often with more university scholarships and a much lower price tag. Some colleges even offer additional scholarships for students enrolled in their honors program. 

The class sizes tend to be smaller for honors programs, providing students with a more personalized learning environment with their peers and professors. In addition to learning directly from the professors, honors classes in college are filled with students who are equally as driven in their academics, creating intellectual conversation and a more engaging learning process. Many honors colleges also offer separate honors housing for students to develop relationships and be surrounded by peers who are also education-oriented and likely to connect well. 

Many honors programs offer a variety of events, activities, and seminars to provide students with additional learning experiences with their peers and to enhance their college experience outside of the classroom. These opportunities range from seminars with well-known intellects to networking events to banquets, formals or even trips to other cities or countries. 

There are many professional development opportunities offered through honors colleges as well. For example, students may be invited to participate in research projects alongside their professors, have access to personalized advising or mentoring, or attend career specific workshops. Some colleges also allow honors students to register for their classes early, giving them access to their first choice courses before other students fill the classes. 

With all the benefits, honors programs can be a really great option for some students. The application process varies depending on the school, but most colleges have a GPA or test score requirement along with supplemental essays that must be submitted along with or after submitting the university application for admission. 

If you’re wondering if a college honors program could be a good fit for you, or if you have any questions about college applications, we would love to help you out through your college admissions process! 

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Megan Bugarin, College Admissions Consultant

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