School’s out, and summer planning is in full swing for our students here at PES. Many are looking forward to family vacations, time spent with friends, and catching up on some much-needed rest and relaxation.

But did you know that the way you spend your summers will hold some weight in the outcome of your college application process?

Crazy, I know.

Here’s a scenario: Student A spends his summer lounging by the pool, playing video games, and scrolling through Instagram for hours on end. When the time comes for him to apply to college, there will be a gaping hole in his activity section where admissions counselors will wonder what kept him busy while he was not in school.

Student B, on the other hand, has spent her summers chasing a passion. Let’s say her passion is healthcare. She’s gone out into her community and sought ways to give back, get connected to healthcare professionals, and gain some hands-on experience that will boost her credibility as a pre-health student. As a bonus, she’s learning early on whether this career path is truly the right fit for her or if she’ll want to change course before college.

Who has the advantage in this scenario? I’d like to think it’s fairly obvious. The student who spends his or her summer productively is going to be far more impressive to an admissions counselor than the student who has done, for lack of a better term, diddly-squat.

To be clear, your passion doesn’t need to be related to your intended major. Maybe you’re a passionate musician and you consider spending your summers performing on various stages or mentoring young, aspiring musicians. Perhaps you’re into sports and your summers are spent on a travelling league or at practice every day. Or maybe you have a summer job and your summer is spent working, building up your resume and accumulating some spare change for fun money or college tuition.

However you spend your summer, be intentional about what you fill it with. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a strong advocate for using those school-free months to focus on yourself and relax a bit (you’ve earned it!), but I’ve also seen a thing or two and know just how important those summer months can be on a college application.

Get up, get out there, and get after what it is that gives you joy!

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